Terms and conditions of service and rental


A credit card or a deposit of 50% is required for all events. This will guarantee availability of equipment for your party. There is no deposit required for margarita machine rentals but we do require a credit card to confirm your reservation.

Cancellation Policy:

We require seven days or more notice for a full refund of your deposit.
Three days or more notice for a 50% refund of your deposit. Less than three days and your order may be postponed and re-booked at a later date within one year, no refund. Please note that orders cannot be cancelled by email or voicemail. You must speak with someone at our office and they will send you confirmation of your cancellation or change.

Stair Fee and Access:

It is your responsibility to tell us of any stair and access problems. Not telling us this important information could delay the setup of your party. All gates, walkways and doorways must be at least three feet wide for food carts. Please note that there is a minimum $25 fee for each cart that requires to be carried up three or more steps. Some stair or access fees may be up to $200 per cart. So please talk to us about this important issue.

Power Needs:

We do not provide electricity but we will inform you of our power needs. You must ensure that our needs are met at your venue.

Insurance Cover:

Barts Carts carries full general liability, auto and workers compensation insurance. If you have insurance needs please contact our office. Some fees may apply.

Delivery: (Carnival Cart Rentals and Margarita Machines)

For rental-only service of food carts and margarita machines, we do not provide same-day delivery and pickup service unless arranged and paid for in advance. We guarantee delivery at least one hour prior to your party, but we do reserve the right to deliver rental-only equipment much earlier than that, and sometimes the day before.

Pickup: (Carnival Cart Rentals and Margarita Machines)

We require that our equipment be available to our driver the first time he tries to make the pickup. If we have to make multiple visits to your home or business to retrieve our equipment, an additional fee of $50 per attempt will apply. Please inform us in advance if there is a problem with your scheduled pickup time and we will schedule a different time.

Delivery and Pickup: (Catering and Staffed Events)

We guarantee delivery of your equipment/catering service at least one hour before your event begins, but we reserve the right to make your delivery prior to that time.


It is your responsibility to provide trash bins and remove trash from events.