Mini Donuts Cart Catering

Festival style cart with staff making unlimited donuts for up to 300 guests.

Mini Donuts Cart - Barts Carts Inc.

Mini donuts are the perfect snack for your next office or company event. Our Mini Donut Carts Service comes complete with two attendants and enough donuts for up to three hundred guests. Serving size is about six donuts and they are available with cinnamon sugar and/or powdered sugar flavors.

Freshly baked donuts at your event. Donuts come with powdered and cinnamon sugar.

Mini Donuts Cart - Barts Carts Inc.

Light and fluffy delicious donuts are made right in front of your guests, and everyone will be amazed to see them made from scratch and then coated in cinnamon or powdered sugar and served immediately. They will simply melt in your mouth and are perfect for all events from breakfast to desert.

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