Ice Cream Cart Catering

Ice Cream Cart - Barts Carts Inc.

Remember waiting for the ice cream man to come around your neighborhood? Well now you can have him come to your party and stay! Serve your guests delicious ice cream right in your yard, business or other venue. A catered ice cream social is a great cause to gather old friends. Your guests can even create their own dessert fantasies. Our ice cream cart comes complete with a matching toppings stand and an umbrella...

  • Ice Cream Sundaes:
    A large scoop of ice cream served with ten toppings from our toppings stand. Go ahead and make your own ice cream sundae.
  • Clown Sundaes:
    A large scoop of ice cream with a sugar cone hat, whipped cream cheeks, cherry nose and sprinkles for whiskers.
  • Hand-Dipped Ice Cream:
    A large square of vanilla ice cream on a stick is dipped into chocolate and then rolled in nuts and sprinkles. This delicious treat is made to order when your guests come up to the cart.
  • Ice Cream Novelties:
    We serve a selection of ice cream bars including drumsticks, chocolate covered ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, fruit bars. Other ice cream bars available upon request.
  • Malts & Shakes:
    Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry with whipped cream
  • Floats:
    Available in Root beer or Coke

Ice Cream Cart 2 - Barts Carts Inc.

Carts are electric and are good for up to 12 hours once they are frozen-down before your event. No dry ice with us!

Ice Cream Cart 3 - Barts Carts Inc.

Each cart can hold about 450 Ice cream bars and we have 8 of this particular model.

Ice Cream Cart 3 - Barts Carts Inc.

Hand dipped ice cream.

Ice Cream Cart 3 - Barts Carts Inc.

One of our carts that has been branded for our client.

Ice Cream Cart 3 - Barts Carts Inc.

Our ice cream sundae bar.

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