Carnival Games

Carnival games Gallery

Carnival games are included with game booths.

Game booths are 10ft x 10ft and 13ft high.

Game booths
Ball roll down
Carnival games gallery-4
Baseball throw
Inflatable Basketball (not included with game booths)
Bean bag toss
Bean bag toss
Carnival games gallery-12
Carnival games gallery-14
Dip bowling
Can Smash
Can smash
Cotton Cart with carnival games
Carnival games gallery-21
Crazy Hat
Cue Ball
Diamond Barrel
Dip Bowling
Carnival games gallery-30
Design possibilities
Flip a frog
Carnival games gallery-34
Evening event with lights
Game booths
Tin pan alley
Roller ball
Game booths
Tin pan alley
Tic tac toe
Soda smash
Kiddie Hi-striker
Ring the pin