Fryer Stands

Fryer Cart - Barts Carts & The Margarita Man of Los Angeles

On its own or Combined with our grill cart, the fry stand brings America's favorite snack to your event and with our large commercial fryers the options are endless. Choose from a variety of your favorite fried snack foods like, french fries, corn dogs or even unique fair foods like deep-fried candy bars!

  • French fries:
    Thin cut fries served with choice of Ketchup
  • Chili Cheese Fries:
    French fries covered in chili and topped with grated cheddar cheese
  • Garlic Fries:
    Thin cut fries tossed with garlic and herbs
  • Sweet potato fries:
    Sweet potato fries served with Ketchup
  • Corn Dog:
    Battered and fried in front of the guests served with ketchup and mustard
  • Mini "Turkey" Corn Dogs:
    A favorite for little ones, kids love them!
  • Fish & Chips:
    Deep fried white fish & french fries served with ketchup and vinegar
  • Chicken strips:
    2 Large chicken breast strips with Ranch & BBQ dipping sauce
  • Jalapeno poppers / 4 pieces:
    Breaded and fried jalapenos stuffed w/cream cheese served with Ranch dressing
  • Buffalo wings 4/pieces:
    Breaded chicken wings tossed in wing sauce and served with Ranch dressing
  • Onion Rings:
    Beer battered thick cut onions served w/Ketchup
  • Cheese sticks / 4 pieces:
    Breaded Mozzarella Cheese served w/marinara sauce
  • Fried Oreos:
    Oreos deep fried in batter
  • Fried Pickles:
    Pickles freshly battered and fried in front your guests

You can also add chili and cheese: almost 1/2 gallon of meat chili w/ 1qt of grated cheddar cheese (about 60 hot dogs)

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